VZQA-C-M22U-15-GG-ALPOMN-4 FESTO Pinch Valve

Aluminium 2 way Pinch Valve NO 15mm G1/2
Manufacturer: Festo
SKU: SSR.00552 76
Vendor: MNPC
₹ 18,124.13
₹ 9,143.87

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FESTO VZQA Pneumatic Pinch Valves

The VZQA pneumatic actuated pinch valve is a 2 way valve fitting and is used for controlling the flow of different materials in the tubing or pipe. The valve is either open or closed, both ensure that there is minimum flow resistance and help prevent the fitting becoming blocked or clogged up.

An open valve enables free flowing material, however the sleeve will close when the fitting is pressurised, therefore shutting off the flow in the tube or pipe. This is ideal for shutting off liquids containing solid particles or solid materials.

A closed valve will open when the valve is pressurised, which releases the flow of material in the tube or pipe, and then will close again when the pressure stops due to the spring in the fitting. This valve is ideal for use with liquid or gases such as air.




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