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ZB4BW313 White Flush Illuminated Push Button Head

illuminated pushbutton head Ø22 spring return for integral LED. Main.
42.43 (EGP) 37.49 (EGP)

ZB4BW0B51 - Schneider Lamp Module and Contact Block

Schneider Electric Harmony XB4 Contact & Light Block 1NO LED Yellow 24 V ac/dc Screw terminal
83.87 (EGP) 69.07 (EGP)

ZB4BK1253 - Schneider Head for illuminated Selector Switch.

Schneider Electric XB4 2 Position Selector Switch Head Standard Handle Orange Stay Put
123.33 (EGP) 108.53 (EGP)

XB4BA31 - Schneider Green Push Button

Schneider Electric Harmony XB4 Green Push Button NO Spring Return
64.13 (EGP) 54.27 (EGP)

ZB4BA42 - Schneider Red Push Button

64.13 (EGP) 54.27 (EGP)

ZB4BA61 - Schneider Blue Push Button

64.13 (EGP) 54.27 (EGP)

ZB4-BG41C - Telemecanique Lock Switch

2 position stayput both key switch
93.73 (EGP) 83.87 (EGP)

XB4BD53 - Telemecanique Black Selector Switch

XB4BD53 black selector switch Ø22 3-position spring return. 2NO 600V. Main. Range of product.
108.53 (EGP) 93.73 (EGP)

XB4BD21 - Telemecanique Selector Switch, 2 Position

XB4BD21 black selector switch Ø22 2-position stay put 1NO. 600V.
88.80 (EGP) 74.00 (EGP)

XD4PA22 Schneider Joystick Controller

Harmony XB4/ZB4 Metal Push Buttons - XD4PA22
256.53 (EGP) 177.60 (EGP)

ZB4BA31 Green Push Button NO Spring Return

ZB4BA31 Green Push Button NO Spring Return
59.20 (EGP) 54.27 (EGP)

XALD324 Schneider Control station

Dark grey station - white flush/red flush/black flush pushbuttons Ø22
345.33 (EGP) 276.27 (EGP)