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QUINT-PS/3AC/24DC/20 (2866792) Phoenix Contact Power Supply

DIN rail mounting with SFB (Selective Fuse Breaking) Technology, input: 3-phase, output: 24 V DC/20 A.
1,825.33 (EGP) 1,628.00 (EGP)

6ES7407-0DA02-0AA0 SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-400, Power supply PS407

SIMATIC S7-400, Power supply PS407: 4 A, wide range, UC 120/230V, 5 V DC/4 A
2,170.67 (EGP) 1,874.67 (EGP)

SITOP 6EP1436-3BA00 Modular 20 A Stabilized Power Supply

SIEMENS power supply input: 3 AC 400-500 V output: 24 V DC/20 A
1,480.00 (EGP) 1,332.00 (EGP)

AC 100-240V to DC 24V 5A Power Supply Adapter

AC/DC 100-240V to DC 24V 5A
88.80 (EGP) 69.07 (EGP)

6ES7971-0BA00 - SIEMENS PS 405/407 power supply

SIMATIC S7-400, Backup battery 3.6 V/2.3 AH
138.13 (EGP) 118.40 (EGP)

6EP1333-2BA20 - SIEMENS 1 PHASE, 24 V DC

SITOP PSU100S 24 V/5 A Stabilized power supply input
720.27 (EGP) 621.60 (EGP)

6ES7307-1KA0-0AA0 - SIEMENS POWER SUPPLY PS307 24 V/10 A

SIMATIC S7-300 Regulated power supply
912.67 (EGP) 814.00 (EGP)


SIMATIC S7-400, Power supply PS407
2,220.00 (EGP) 1,743.44 (EGP)

6EP1332-1SH31 Siemens PLC Power Supply

SITOP power 3.5 A, Univ. Line Stabilized power supply
986.67 (EGP) 838.67 (EGP)

LUB12 Power Base Schneider Electric

TeSys U, 3P, 12A/690V
542.67 (EGP) 473.60 (EGP)