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Inductive Proximity Sensor/Switch

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IFL 15-300L-10/01P Schmersal Inductive proximity switch

Schmersal PNP Inductive Sensor - Switch distance 15 , 10 → 30 V dc, IP65 to IEC/EN 60529, Length of sensor 118, Diameter of sensor M30
263.47 (OMR) 242.67 (OMR)

PR30 10AO - Autonics Inductive Proximity Sensor

PR30-10AO Sensor, Inductive Prox, 10mm Sensing, M30 Round, Shielded, NO, 90-250 VAC
194.13 (OMR) 156.00 (OMR)

PR18 8AC Autonics Inductive Proximity Sensor

PR18-8AC Autonics 8mm Sensing, M18 Round, Non-Shielded, NC, 90-250 VAC
152.53 (OMR) 131.73 (OMR)

SC0501-N - HOGK M5 Inductive Proximity Sensor

Sn= 1mm NPN. NO 10-30VDC 150mA Max. Sensing distance --0.8 mm
173.33 (OMR) 152.53 (OMR)

SIEN-M8B-PS-S-L - Festo Inductive Sensor

Festo PNP-NO Inductive Sensor Maximum of 1.5 mm Detection Range, Barrel 38mm length, 10 - 30 V dc, IP65, IP67
235.73 (OMR) 180.27 (OMR)

DW-AS-623-M8-129 - CONTRINEX Inductive Sensors

Inductive sensor. Output type: PNP. Output function: Normally open (NO). Housing material: Stainless steel V2A. Connection: M8 3-pin plug. Housing: M8 x 45 Length (mm):, Mounting: Flush. Sensing range Sn (mm):, 2. Frequency: 3KHz. Protection: IP67. Operating
194.13 (OMR) 166.40 (OMR)

IFM IM5020 - Inductive sensor

IME3015BFPKG - IM5020 - Sensor: inductive; Output conf: PNP / NO + NC; 0÷15mm; 10÷36VDC
284.27 (OMR) 242.67 (OMR)

XS1N08PA349 Telemecanique Proximity Sensor

Proximity Sensor, M8, 12-24VDC, PNP, NO, PN. XS1N08PA349, Telemecanique
277.33 (OMR) 242.67 (OMR)