3RW4037-1BB04, SIEMENS SIRIUS soft starter

SIRIUS soft starter S2 63 A, 30 kW/400 V, 40 °C 200-480 V AC, 24 V AC/DC Screw
2,049.33 (BHD) 1,696.00 (BHD)

3RT10261BB40 - Power Contactor

Power contactor, AC-3 25 A, 11 kW / 400 V 24 V DC, 3-pole, Size S0 screw terminal
318.00 (BHD) 268.53 (BHD)

DSM-32-270-P-A-B (547582) Festo Rotary Actuators

Rotary Actuators DSM - Festo
1,272.00 (BHD) 1,130.67 (BHD)

0821300911 Aventics Shut Off Valve

Aventics Rotary Knob Pneumatic Manual Control Valve, G 1/2, Die Cast Zinc 1/2 in G, -10 → +60°C 0821300911 3/2-shut-off valve, mechanically operated, Series NL4-BAV
360.40 (BHD) 325.07 (BHD)

Norgern/Buschjost Solenoid Coil - 0000000.9150

Buschjost / Norgren Solenoid Coil - Part Number 0000000.9150 Type - 3815 Voltage: 24vdc Power Consumption: 18w Protection class acc. to EN 60529 IP65
381.60 (BHD) 346.27 (BHD)

Pneumatic Spiral Coil Tube 10MM X 10MTR Blue Colour

Pneumatic Spiral Coil Tube, OD10MM ID 6.5mm Dia X 10MTR Length With Quick Coupler - Made In Taiwan
60.07 (BHD) 53.00 (BHD)

1550C FLUKE - 5 kV Insulation Tester

Fluke 1550c Megohmmeter/insulation Resistance Tester 5kv
8,480.00 (BHD) 8,338.67 (BHD)

6AV2123-2GB03-0AX0 - Siemens Touch Screen HMI Panel

SIMATIC HMI, KTP700 Basic, Basic Panel, Key/touch operation, 7" TFT display
2,049.33 (BHD) 1,731.33 (BHD)

566 Fluke Infrared & Contact Thermometer

IR / Infrared Thermometer, -40°C to +650°C, 1 %
1,484.00 (BHD) 1,342.67 (BHD)

2 Inch Diaphragm Pressure Reducing Valve, DRV

WATTS Water Pressure Reducing Valves 2" size, DRV
671.33 (BHD) 636.00 (BHD)

1160T Mitutoyo Back plunger Dial Indicator, 0.01 x 5mm

Mitutoyo 1160T Back plunger Dial Indicator, 0.01 x 5mm Range, 0-100 Accuracy
318.00 (BHD) 282.67 (BHD)

0820024002 - 5/2 Way Aventics Pneumatic Directional Valve

uitable for ISO 1 sizing, it offers a high flow rate of 1060 L/Min
530.00 (BHD) 469.93 (BHD)

DN100 Woltmann Water Meter WF1000 4" Size

It is a Combination Water Meter for industrial application in size from DN50 to DN200 for cold water.
1,978.67 (BHD) 1,837.33 (BHD)

6AV6641-0BA11-0AX1 SIMATIC Operator Panel OP 77A LC display backlit

SIMATIC Operator Panel OP 77A LC display backlit, 4.5" display graphics-capable
1,554.67 (BHD) 1,399.20 (BHD)

HC-KFS23 Mitsubishi AC Industrial Servo Motor

1,060.00 (BHD) 918.67 (BHD)

R900912496 Bosch Rexroth 4WE10D3X/CW230N9K4 - Directional spool valves

Directional spool valves, direct operated, with solenoid actuation
530.00 (BHD) 445.20 (BHD)

Omron E5CD-RX2ADM-800 Digital Temperature Controller

(Simple Type) (48 x 48 mm) E5CD-RX2ADM-800 Digital Temperature Controller
706.67 (BHD) 565.33 (BHD)

XCKJ161 Telemecanique Sensors Limit Switch

XCKJ161 - limit switch XCKJ - metal end plunger - 1NC+1NO - snap action
197.87 (BHD) 173.13 (BHD)

R900485830 Bosch Rexroth Piston Pump

3,180.00 (BHD) 2,791.33 (BHD)

BX42 V-Belt, Cogged 17mm W x 11mm D

PIX BX section cogged V belt 17mm top width, 11mm thickness, Inside length 1080mm, datum length Ld 1123mm.
45.93 (BHD) 42.40 (BHD)

1571 UNIOR Wrench, Air Impact Wrench, Heavy Duty, 3/4" drive

free speed 6500 revolution per minutes max. torque 1085 Nm
1,130.67 (BHD) 989.33 (BHD)

22217 E/C3 SKF Spherical Roller Bearing

It has two rows of rollers
296.80 (BHD) 250.87 (BHD)

"AW30-F02DH-B " Filter Regulator

Filter Regulator, G1/4" w/ Autodrain N/O
316.59 (BHD) 284.79 (BHD)

VUVG-B10-T32C-MZT-F-1T1L FESTO Solenoid Valve

Festo 3/2 Solenoid Valve Electrical VUVG Series
438.13 (BHD) 409.87 (BHD)

Pneumatic Spiral Coil Tube 10MM X 6MTR Orange Colour

Pneumatic Spiral Coil Tube, OD10MM ID6.5MM Dia X 6MTR Length With Quick Coupler - Made In Taiwan
42.40 (BHD) 35.33 (BHD)

OJ5126 IFM Photoelectric sensors OJP-FPKG/SO/AS

OJ5126 - Photo-electric sensor
530.00 (BHD) 480.53 (BHD)


Servo Encoder Cable 5 MTR Length
254.40 (BHD) 226.13 (BHD)

A75-30-11 ABB Contactor

A75-30-11 220-230V 50Hz / 230-240V 60Hz - A75 contactors are mainly used for controlling 3-phase motors and generally for controlling power circuits up to 690 V AC / 1000 V AC or 220 V DC. The contactors can also be used for many other applications such as isolation, capacitor switching, lighting
296.80 (BHD) 272.07 (BHD)